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Our Vessels – Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruises

All total the entire fleet of Sydney Harbour Cruises vessels are 11 in number.  They range from giant ships that can hold up to 400 people down to smaller vessels ideal for couples.  We specialize in luxury boat charter Sydney, and we offer a full range of vessels to accommodate any size event.

Which size is right for you?

To get familiar with our vessels, it is often easiest to sort them into sizes.  We have three very large vessels.  They accommodate the biggest parties for luxury motor yacht charter.  One, the MV AQA, accommodates a smaller size while maintaining the most advanced and modern marine technology in the entire fleet of Sydney Harbor Cruises.

Likewise, we have three medium-sized vessels that cater for functions of around 100 or more people.  They are the MV Sydney, MV River Princess, and MV Jerry Bailey.  These three tend to also be popular for weddings.  Three more of our medium-sized vessels handle parties between 40 and 50 guests.  They are the MV Sea Escape, MV Silver Spirit, and MV JBW.  These are ideal for comfortable cocktail parties.

Finally, we have two smaller vessels used for more intimate or casual events amongst the uses for Sydney Harbour cruises.

  • Larger Vessels
  • Medium-Sized Vessels
  • Smaller Vessels

Quick Reference Table for the Vessels of Sydney Harbour Cruises

Likewise, you can use the table below to quickly glance and see which the Sydney Harbour Cruises vessels match the size of your next planned event.  Cocktail parties tend to involve more standing and less seating.  Therefore, compared to fine dining involving more seating, cocktail parties allow more guests to be accommodated aboard the luxury boat charter Sydney.  Also, take note that laws governing yacht charter Sydney Harbour restrict some of the guest occupancies.

Vessel Name Length Guests  (Fine Dining) Guests (Cocktail Parties)
MV AQA 28 Metres (92 feet) 60 60
MV Starship Sydney 44 Metres 350 800
MV Blue Room 85 feet 220 400
MV JBW 70 feet 45 45
MV Jerry Bailey
MV Medusa 36 feet 12 12
MV Olympic Storm
MV River Princess 117
MV Santa Cruz 43 feet
MV Sea Escape 75 feet 50 50
MV Silver Spirit 18 Metre (60 feet) 40 40
MV Sydney 120

Get a Recommendation

If you would like to describe your requirements and get our recommendation for which vessel is right for you, then call us at our Sydney Harbour Cruises office at 02 9558 3666.  To enquire through the internet, you can use our enquiry form by clicking the button at the top of the page.


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